Prunés Jewellery Ecommerce

Black and white photo, a saintly woman looking at the ground.
Woman in profile, wearing earrings and a headband.
Woman in profile, wearing a cap and branded earrings.
Black and white photo, a woman on the ground in an elegant pose showing the jewellery she is wearing.
Black and white profile of a woman with her eyes closed and her hand wearing rings.
Woman with blue eyes looking at the camera and showing a hand with rings.
Profile of a woman, wearing a branded earring
Full-length black and white photo of a woman in a white suit looking at the ground.
White and red photo, a kneeling woman shows the rings on her hand.
A seated woman, looking at the camera in a total white look.
Profile of a serious-faced woman wearing a branded earring
Hands displaying gold rings

Prunés Jewellery Ecommerce photographed by Paolo Steve

Freixenet 2023 Social Media Campaign

Models celebrating with bottles of cava and confetti
Image of two models for Freixenet's autumn-winter celebratros campaign
3 models seated on the terrace of a hotel toasting with a glass of freixenet cava.
Model for freixenet's celebreators campaign in the hoxton hotel.
Model reading on a hotel terrace.
Model dancing for Freixenet celebrators campaign.

Celebrators campaign for Freixenet photographed by Jonathan Miller.