At 8AM Artist Manager and Production Company, we elevate visual storytelling through videography, immersing you in captivating narratives where each frame tells a unique story. Our videographer is a skilled artisan, capturing the essence of every moment with authentic emotions that transcend the screen.

At the core of our video editing excellence is Beatriz Janer, a consummate artist bringing moving images to life. Under Janer’s direction, each project becomes a unique masterpiece, blending creativity and technique for impactful visuals. Based in Barcelona, our videography team breathes life into your boldest ideas, creating visual testaments to innovation and style. From stunning video campaigns to boundary-breaking productions, our dedication to excellence shines through in every project. At 8AM, visual storytelling becomes a transformative experience. Explore the magic of purposeful videography where every frame and video redefine visual excellence, starting your visual story here.