Freixenet – Cordón Negro

Woman dancing in a fringed dress with a disco ball in her hand.
Woman in a red and orange dress, wearing sunglasses in the middle of a living room.
Woman smiling holding a glass of Freixenet - Cordón Negro cava.
Two women sitting on a sofa, holding a bottle of freixenet - Cordón negro and a disco ball on their heads.

Freixenet – Cordón Negro 50th Anniversary photographed by Pedro Braga.

Prunés Jewellery Ecommerce

Black and white photo, a saintly woman looking at the ground.
Woman in profile, wearing earrings and a headband.
Woman in profile, wearing a cap and branded earrings.
Black and white photo, a woman on the ground in an elegant pose showing the jewellery she is wearing.
Black and white profile of a woman with her eyes closed and her hand wearing rings.
Woman with blue eyes looking at the camera and showing a hand with rings.
Profile of a woman, wearing a branded earring
Full-length black and white photo of a woman in a white suit looking at the ground.
White and red photo, a kneeling woman shows the rings on her hand.
A seated woman, looking at the camera in a total white look.
Profile of a serious-faced woman wearing a branded earring
Hands displaying gold rings

Prunés Jewellery Ecommerce photographed by Paolo Steve