Suot Studio

Blurred photo of a boy running shirtless for Suot Studio.
Zenith photo of a person stretched out in the sea wearing a dress.
Close-up of the model looking in profile with a pearl necklace of Suot Studio.
Shot centred on the model's hands with several extravagant and colourful rings.
Close-up detail of the mouth with a ring on the tongue of Suot Studio.

Editorial for Suot Studio photographed by Pedro Braga.


Model Khadim with a blue bag on his head on a green background.
A picture of a boy with an open shirt.
Close uplight model Khadim with a blue light.
Close up of the profile of the model Khadim with a blue light.

Khadim photographed by Pedro Braga.


Photograph of a boy in a yellow dress holding some T-shirts in his hand in Morocco.
Analogue photograph of a camel's mouth seen from below.
Woman under a Ppesi parasol selling bread in a market.
Woman walking in the street of Morocco and dressed in a typical arabian costume in maroon.
Photograph of 3 women dressed all in black, seen from behind.
Close-up of two men dressed in typical Arab costumes and playing an instrument in Morocco.

Documentary of Morocco by Pedro Braga.


Two elderly women in swimming trunks, talking in front of the beach in Cadaqués.
Two elderly women in swimming costumes on a bench on the beach in Cadaqués.

Documentary of Cadaqués by Pedro Braga.