Bye 2020, Welcome 2021

Neither Mars retrograde, nor the alignment of Jupiter and Saturn are going to stop the plans we have for this new year. We are entering the Aquarius era leaving 2020 behind.

We would like to remember one of the last productions for an international campaign we did in 2020 with Andrea Bielsa and Miguel Padial, two of the artists we represent in 8AM.

We want to share what it means to us to work with a good team.

If you know the world of production, you will know that they are very long days, sometimes in locations far from home and adverse and unpredictable situations.

At sunset and after hours, many photos, many miles accumulated and collecting an amazing display, the reward came!

We witnessed one of the most beautiful sunsets of 2020. The sun was hiding behind the mountain, dyeing the sky in a thousand colors. Black clouds threatened and announced a storm. Even so, for a moment the clock stopped, we fell silent, we enjoyed the silence, the connection with nature, with ourselves.

Part of the team was already back, another part, the one that always arrives first, the last to leave, stayed. That was the moment of union and we remembered, once again, how we love our work. Those are the moments when a team stops being a team and becomes a family.

Sharing moments like this is a gift only for the lucky ones.

Photo by Anna Esparza 

BSO of that moment Running – Helado Negro