New Talent – Maria Huerga

At 8AM we are always willing to create, we like to do our bit to promote interesting projects. This is the case of Maria Huerga and her latest editorial “Terrain de Jeux“, produced by 8AM.

In News, we introduce you to Maria Huerga, New Talent, a multifaceted, delicate, talented artist and photographer:

Tell us about yourself. How do you describe yourself? In three words

Sensitive, demanding, passionate

It’s 8AM, what do you do?

Having breakfast after walking Milo.

Your dream project?

To be able to dedicate myself fully to photography and have my own studio.

Since when have you been attracted to the world of photography?

Since I was very young. I was born into a family dedicated to the image

What was your first job?

An advertisement as a model hahaha

How do you define yourself as a photographer?


What do you remember about your first job as a photographer?

It was a collaboration with a brand. I spent the day taking pictures for pleasure without looking for anything. I remember freaking out with my first salary for doing something I loved.

Who are your references in the world of photography?

Peter Lindberg, Todd Hido, Diane Arbus, among many others?

What prompted you to dedicate yourself to this profession?

A difficult time in my life. I got into photography unintentionally as a form of therapy.

Talent, luck or effort, which do you consider more important?

1 – Talent, 2 – Effort, 3 – Luck.

Tell us about your latest project

I’m experimenting with still photography on several shoots and I’m loving it!

What advice would you give to someone who wants to get started in the world of photography?

That sometimes results can take a long time to come but keep taking pictures and learning every day. Patience.

What advice would you have liked to have been given?

Despite the internal insecurities that sometimes surface, always believe in yourself and your intuition (they gave me the advice, that’s why) 🙂

What is the work you are most proud of and why?

I’m proud of all of them, but I really enjoyed the Bruma Ceramics project.

Where do you think the sector is evolving?

For my taste there is an overload of information and images, so we must be faithful to our principles and our essence to show what is most real about us.

PING PONG questions to Maria Huerga

A city: Berlin

A song: You’re so cool, Hans Zimmer

An album: Buena Vista Social Club, 1997

A singer: SĂ­lvia PĂ©rez Cruz

A book: Seda- Alessandro Baricco

A musician: Wim Mertens

A drink: Vermouth

A food: Spaghetti aglio e olio

A bar/pub : El Babá

A place: The south

A restaurant: El japo de mi barrio. Maruko

A movie: The Piano, by Jane Campion

Tell us something you love: Ordering

Your color: Orange

A trip: New Zealand, I would love it

A concert: Paul Kalkbrenner

Your favorite month: July

Animal that represents you: Cat

A dream: To live in the countryside

Festival you want to go to: Any festival right now

BSO while your reading – Chan Chan from Buena Vista Social Club

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